Changing Pad and Clutch

After Emily was born  (5+ years ago) the asian fabric diaper bags were all the rage.  I couldn’t justify spending almost $200 on one, so I decided to make one.  It turned out really cute and I made a diaper changing pad to go with it with iron-on vinyl.

Recently, due to a baggie of fermented grapes in my purse (sick, I know-but the grapes were only in there for a couple of days and got lost at the bottom!) the changing pad I carry around now smells rotten.  So I pulled out the one I made 5 years ago (it’s a neutral color, so it worked for a boy too) and have been using it.

One day, seeing it in my purse, I thought that it would be so cute in a fun fabric, and how about a cute little clutch to carry it in? Maybe stick some wipes and a diaper in there too? I had a baby shower to attend, so I bought some fabric and got started.

**This Clutch was made using the quick and dirty method.  I am POSITIVE there are more polished/professional clutch tutorials out there, but I needed to make this quick.  I think it still turned out nice.**

I took some pictures along the way, so if you want to make one….

1/2 yard changing mat fabric
1/2 yard clutch main fabric
1/2 yard clutch lining fabric
1/2 yard fusible fleece** (See Tutorial, Not sure if that is what it’s called!)
1/2 yard 1/2″ batting
roll of iron-on vinyl
thread to match

Changing Pad:
And you are done!