Flower Fairy

Last year, right around Halloween, Emily picked out her costume for this year.  She wanted to be a fairy.  A few months ago, she got a little more specific.  She wanted to be a Pink, Purple and BLUE Fairy. Wow.
So one day, a few weeks ago, browsing around the thrift store, I found a pristine pink leotard in her size for $5.00, and some hot pink satin for $2.00. Nice.
We then made the trip to the fabric store for the rest of the fabric for the skirt.  That was quite an experience.  I started pulling out pinks, purples and blues.  She didn’t like them.  So then she says how about this-then, no, how about this.  It seemed to go on for days, and boy were her color choices very interesting.  Finally, she decided on pink and blue, but I talked her into a turquoise blue instead.  (I tried for green, as I thought it would look much better, but not happening!)
So I draped a little sparkly turquoise onto the leotard, added some burnt satin flowers to the shoulder, made a tie-tutu (which was really fun and so easy!) and a petal overskirt, with turquoise leaves.  I found a sparkly butterfly that I added to the skirt.
Then I wrapped up a small wood dowel with tulle, added more tulle and flowers for her wand, and made a garland/headband with floral wire, ribbon, tulle and more flowers.
It is a bit over-the-top, but she feels like a “Royal Fairy Queen” (her words) so I guess I am happy!
(Just don’t show me any more sparkly, shiny fabric any time soon…I was buried in it for 2 days!)