Halloween: DJ Lance…the early years

This week, we were challenged to create a halloween costume or harvest look.
I was super excited because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I love making costumes!
Ever since I was little, we have always made our costumes.  I love to carry on this tradition with my own kids. Of course, there will probably be some exceptions over the years, but for now, homemade is how we roll.
For this coming halloween, all of our kids already had plans for their costumes, except for my youngest,
so we thought we would create a costume just for him.
After tossing aside idea after idea, one night, it came to me.
It was perfect.
Autie (and everyone else I shared the idea with)
So we got to work.
Autie is the genius behind the hat, isn’t it perfect??
She made the pattern, we bought some crazy expensive orange fur, she sewed it up, and added some foam stars.
We went searching and searching thrift stores for white tennis shoes to paint, and I found these shoes at Children’s Orchard.  The style was perfect, but they were black.  So 5 coats of paint later, we have our orange and yellow shoes.
I created a little jammies pattern, stitched it up and we added a foam faux-belt-buckle on the faux-belt. We found some sunglasses at Good Will, painted them black, and they managed to stay on for about 2 minutes.
And yes, if you’re wondering, this really is the Yo Gabba Gabba set.  We have friends in high places….
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