Quiet Book Part 3 of 3

OK, you are probably thinking
ENOUGH with the quiet book posts!
Well, if you are thinking that, you are in luck.  This is the last one.
{BTW I am in Colorado visiting my parents, so my sewing is on hold for a bit.  BUT I am working on a
fabulous top secret project that I can’t wait to show you…in due time.}
So in the meantime, here are the rest of the quiet book pages we made!
 Amazing desert scene (by Ali) where rubber lizards can play “hide and seek”
 Fancy Flowers snap on
This one is another masterpiece by Ali.  She attached a vinyl pouch, which contains a little realistic book, pillow, mattress, quilt, teddy bear, and dress.  Then you “clean your room!”
Good old I Spy game, but sewed into the quiet book page. On the back is a little pocket that holds the laminated card with what to find.
I printed out cute animals onto iron-on transfer paper, and transfered them onto the felt.  Then I did a second layer of felt and stitched the two layers together.  The barn pocket holds the animals, and they
 fit into the car seat.
Match the colors
Snap the fruit onto the tree.

Well, that’s all folks!