Quiet Book Part 2 of 3

Here are some of my favorite pages!
{As I was taking pictures, I realized that I had more pages than I thought…
so I will have more to show next week!}
 The numbers are a flip-stack of laminated numbers, and then you can move the foam beads and
count along! Super fun.
 This one is modeled off a vintage game/toy where you can create different noses.  I just used part of an old necklace chain for the nose.
My friend Ali did this one, she is amazing!
Cute three dimensional hat, and the ponytails have built in rubber bands and ribbons so they don’t get lost.
 Each hexagon is made up of two colors of felt, so they are reversible.  Helps child learn color wheel,
including primary colors and complimentary colors, shapes, and how to button.
 Good old fashioned lacing and tying.  Thanks, Amber!
Cute city/car track.  Includes pocket for car, which is attached with a string so it doesn’t get lost.
My friend Ali made this one too…I love it!