PB knock-off Scoreboard

I was inspired by this picture from Pottery Barn Kids to make a scoreboard for my son’s room.
So, with the help of our new sponsor, Miss B’s Boutique, I came up with this!
It’s obviously not nearly as big as the one from PB, but I was able to find a super cheap 24″ x 36″ canvas print at a tent sale.  (2 feet x 3 feet is pretty dang big anyways…and I was worried about the weight if I just did it on a slab of wood…so a canvas, complete with the hanging tabs already on it sounded like a pretty dang good option!)
I primed and painted over the painting with a “smokey emerald” paint from Ace Hardware.  I taped and painted off the lines where I wanted and I had Brittney from Miss B’s Boutique/ Dang Gina Gives whip me out some custom vinyl to fill in my gaps.  i love it, and I’m so excited to hang it up in his room!