my hero frames

oh, man, guys…I’ve felt like the absolute pits the last couple of weeks, and even though I KNEW I better get off my booty and start working on something to post for today, I just couldn’t do it!
So, I’m posting something that I did about a month or so ago, but never posted about because I thought you wouldn’t care so much…ha
Anyways, I’d been trying to figure out something to do with my husband’s personal baseball cards.  He played in college, and then for a minute in the minor leagues (which was a dream come true), and we of course have a little stack of his baseball cards from each.
But, other than keeping them in a little zip lock bag, I had done nothing with them…and really…they’re pretty dang cool!  And if they’re cool to me, how cool are they to a little boy?
So, I found 2 white square frames in the garage that I had purchased at Target several years ago for something…and decided they would house Jeff’s baseball cards perfectly for Max’s (my 5-year-old) room.
 I sprayed the white frames black, printed out some vinyl, and stuck them on the wall above Max’s bunk bed.
baseball photograph compliments of Michele of Now and Forever Photography, (gilbert, AZ)
Here’s the full collage above his bed.
I’d show you his whole room, but since he shares a room with his sister, the baseball paraphernalia and the bright girly colors mixed together aren’t cute enough for me to show the world!  One day, I’ll show you a cute room chock full of boy stuff and baseball!
For now, I felt WAY better the last couple of days, so I hope to be back to normal (minus my daily diet coke {sigh}) soon!