Monster Truck Quilt

This is not a sparkly, ruffly, glamorous project, but I do know a certain 5 year old boy who will be so excited about it!  My son, Max has an obsession with Monster Trucks..Mom might, too.  Every time you buy one of these bad boys:
you’d also get in the package a small flag with that particular truck’s logo on it.  (Actually, recently, they’ve gone to including monster jam tattoos, but we’ve been saving flags for years!)
Anyway, we got to the point where we had so many flags, we didn’t know what to do with them!  I started hoarding them away so we wouldn’t lose any, and I even made Max a couple of shirts with the flags on them.
(See his Donut Patrol Monster Truck shirt?)
That was a really fun idea, which Max LOVED, but I really only wanted so many of those shirts, and not all of the logos are as ‘cute’ as “Donut Patrol”, ya know?
So, after months and months of collecting, I finally did something with the stash of flags I had piling up in my closet.
Max’s Monster Truck Quilt
 This isn’t just a regular old bed quilt…this is a play quilt.  He can lay it out, and match the trucks to the logos, or whatever he wants (or at least that’s the idea)
 So, sorry, this isn’t one of those fancy fun girly posts…but Max is so excited it for it, that makes this one of my favorite projects!  Do you guys have any Monster Truck flags lying around??