DIY Ice Cream Social Skirt

Happy Monday, everyone!
I had some striped jersey, and a real need for summer skirts, here is my latest skirt:
It is a striped circle skirt. Which, when I googled it, isn’t supposed to work, or look good.
But I really love how it turned out.
Even with my sewing-with-knits intimidation, it was super easy and fast.  The hardest part was laying/smoothing the fabric out to cut. Once that was done, (and it wasn’t even perfect) the rest goes together super fast.  I actually made another out of a gray striped jersey and have plans for one more this week!
I added some elastic trim to the hem, though it isn’t necessary.  It gave it a nice little detail.
Bonus: This skirt is SUPER comfy.  Just the way I like it.
Oh, and the cardi? I needed a navy one, so I refashioned this one from a thrifted long sleeve v-neck sweater. Tutorial for that coming on Thursday.
Do you want to make your very own?

about 60-65″ of striped jersey/knit fabric, 60″ wide
Coordinating Thread
Elastic trim (optional)

To make your pattern, there are a million tutorials you can find.  Since I am in love with her blog, I used Dana’s tutorial from MADE. You will just need to make an adjustment, since we are sewing with jersey/knit fabric, which stretches. (And we are not using elastic)

Adjustment: Measure your waist, and subtract 2″. Use this for your measurement for the skirt radius, as well as for the waistband you will cut out. (Do not add 2″!)  So you would take your waist measurement, subtract 2″ and then divide it by 6.28 to get your radius.

Once you have your 1/4 circle pattern, follow these instructions:

 ***Note, use your waist measurement minus 2″- the same measurement you used to get the
radius of your pattern. Then add 1″ seam allowance.  This is the length of your waistband piece.
 ***Note, use a narrow width on your zig zag stitch, just enough to stretch.