say no! to auto with Kristen Duke

Last weekend, Jen and I had the opportunity to attend the Say No! to Auto workshop with Kristen Duke here in California.  We are thrilled with the results of the workshop, and are so excited to put our newly acquired skills to work!
Let me just divulge that previous to our workshop with Kristen, Jen and I shot all of our pictures exclusively on auto (how embarrassing, right).  We are definitely aware of the importance of good quality pictures and the correlation between that and a truly successful blog, so it’s been important to us to make our pictures as good as possible.
 So, get excited better quality pictures coming your way on iCandy!
Her workshop was fabulous!
I went into the workshop clueless, and taking completely blue shots when I turned my dial to manual, and I now actually know what I’m doing when I fiddle with all those buttons…or at least have better understanding! If you haven’t purchased her book, or taken the workshop, and you have the opportunity to do so…do it!
Check out her blog here, and her say NO! to auto site here