(tutorial) The Ruffle Equation (Skirt)

Tired of seeing skirts yet???
I hope not. Cause we have another one for you today.
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You might be wondering what Equations have to do with Skirts.  Well, to my {dismay?} as I worked on this one, I discovered that they go hand in hand.  
Remember this skirt? I bought it at H&M a while back and wore it with the lace tee I made.
Well, I had a few of you lovely readers ask me if I would create a tutorial for it.  Here is how the replica turned out!
{I had just enough fabric for two skirts in my stash, so I cut one out for Autie.  This is the one she made…}
 {P.S. Don’t mind the strange yellow circle over her fabulous cowboy boots.  No idea how that happened.}
…And here is mine…

Pretty good copy, heh?  Not bad…
So are you still wondering about the whole “equation” thing? Got you a bit nervous?  
It turns out, figuring out a pattern for this skirt that would work with every size, using body measurements, was quite a math feat.  I think had to use every math skill I could remember.
(Which wasn’t much.  College was a long time ago!)
So if you want to tackle this skirt, put on your thinking cap (NERD ALERT), get your calculator out, and get ready to draft a pattern!

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Materials Needed:

*2 1/2 – 3 yards 60″W fabric  
  • Depending on your size- you might want to make your pattern before buying your fabric so you know exactly how much to buy
  • If you have narrower fabric, you might have to piece together the ruffle pieces
  • Your fabric should be thin and flowy, maybe a rayon blend? Cotton would be way too puffy!  {I got my fabric in the LA fabric district at a “buy by the pound” place, so not sure what it is!}
*7-9 in. zipper {I used invisible}
*Measuring tape
*Butcher or freezer paper to draw your pattern on
*Thread to match 

Have your pattern pieces?? Well lets get cutting! 
* When laying out your pattern pieces, especially the really long ones, you might want to fold in half and lay on the fold…its up to you!  You will want the grainline to go down each piece.  So lay your pieces with the side edges along the selvage.

Once your pattern pieces are cut out, it is time to sew the skirt together.

Finally, add your zipper.  Here and here are a couple of good tutorials for invisible zippers.

Whew! Finished! Now go strut your stuff in your new skirt.