DIY Burp Cloths

I had a baby shower to go to yesterday…but didn’t know if I was for sure going to be able to make it until the day before…I remember seeing these on my friend’s blog, Lil Luna (she’s adorable if you don’t already follow her) and I thought, I can do that real fast!  So, with only a quick trip to Wal-mart, I was able to make a unique shower gift for my sweet friend.
the literal burp cloth!
(i wish i had been the one to think of this ingenious idea!  go here for Kristyn’s tut)
I didn’t look at her tutorial until after I did these, and I did them a little different, and maybe easier, so here’s my mini-tut…not much different, just a little tweak.
you need:
Burp Cloths
Scrap Fabric (I used Sugar Pop by Moda, and {shocker} It’s a Hoot by Moda
Wonder-Under or Heat n Bond
1.) I cut the letters out with my cricut…8″ height, and I believe the font was Doodle Type.
{If you don’t have a cricut, Kristyn has a printable on her blog that you can use!}
If you’ve seen some of our other tutorials here on iCandy, we’ve done wonder under this same way:
2.) Cut out a chunk of wonder-under or heat n bond.  Iron it onto a chunk of fabric that will fit your letters.
3.) After it cools, trace your letters, backwards, onto the paper of the wonder under.  Then cut your letters out!
{This way, rather than cutting out your letters, then cutting out the wonder under, then cutting your fabric, you save tons of time, and just cut ONCE.}
4.) Peel the paper off the back of your letters, and iron them onto the burp cloths.
5.) Using a tight zig-zag stitch, zip around the edges with contrasting thread
 {don’t judge me with my zig-zagging…holy me and tension changes aren’t best friends}
I think they’re so fun, and so unique and I hope my friend Jamie LOVES them!
Thanks, Kristyn for the fun idea!
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