DIY Spittin’ Image Tank

Today’s Ivy’s birthday!
(April Fools Day, funny, huh?)
So, I made her a silly little tank for her to wear on her special day.
spittin’ image, right?
I was inspired by (random) my sidewalk chalk drawings that I do with my kids…
I thought I could easily just applique that onto a shirt, so Ives would have a cute little shirt with HER on it, rather than the (totally cute) ones that I’ve seen around with numbers or initials.  So, here’s my version of the birthday shirt:

1.)Make your pattern:
I used some scraps of poster board that I had, and I drew a circle for the head…yep, I messed up the first time!
 2.) Draw the bangs and cut out your head.
 3.) put the head down on a different part of the poster board and draw the piggie-tails (with the elastic bands)
 4.) Cut out the pig tails, leaving a little extra space (like half an inch) for overlapping.
 5.) Put Heat n Bond…or wonder-under, or whatever to all of your pieces!
 6.) I was taught to wonder-under like this: it doesn’t save an fabric, but it is sure easier to cut…Cut a slab of wonder under or heat n bond that is big enough to cover your pattern, lay it out on the wrong side, and iron it on with no steam.  (I do this rather than cut out my circle of fabric, and cut out my circle of wonder under and then try to match them…you risk getting goo on your iron, it’s twice as much cutting, and the cuts aren’t as clean.  and save your scraps in a wonder under bag…you may use them later (I totally did for this project)
 7.) For the hair, I traced with a permanent marker on the wonder under side the semi-circle that ran from the bottom of one side of bangs to the other side…and then free-handed the lines inside…
 8.) Do the same for every other piece using your selected fabrics…
 9.) I cut 2 head pieces so that the striped fabric of the shirt wouldn’t show through…and I marked on the top of the wonder under side where the part was, just so I kind of knew where the top of the head was (I didn’t have a perfect circle, and didn’t want to risk having the bangs not cover up the head)
 10.) Here is what my cuts looked like ready to iron onto the shirt (I did change my mind and make little bows instead of elastic bands…but I just freehanded the hourglass shapes on the wonder under.
 11.) Take the paper side off of all of you pieces, and iron on…ugly head first (to hide the stripes)
 12.) Pretty head
 13.) Pig Tails
 14.) Bangs
 15.) Bows
 16.) Then sew around each piece to secure them in place for forever…don’t trust the wonder under to completely hold!
 17.) Using the same method found from the Button Explosion Tee found here, sew your buttons on with your sewing machine.
 18.) Break out your embroidery floss stash to make the mouth (I used three of the six strings)
 19.) Use a disappearing ink pen to draw your smile
 20.) Back stitch her smile on with floss!
ta-daa…I love that the only thing I bought for this was her shirt…it’s my favorite when I can just dig around in my scraps and stash boxes and whip up something…
…and I’m pretty sure she likes it, too.
happy birthday, pretty girl!
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