DIY Lucky Me Board

I don’t have ANY St. Patricks Day decorations.
While I can’t stand to have holiday decorations up for longer than a month, 17 days is just about the right amount of time for me to have something fun and different up before I NEED to take it down because the clutter is driving me craZy!
So, Jen and I tried to dream up something fun and non-cheesy to put up to celebrate good ole St. Pat.
This is what we came up with…Lucky me!
We both only have 2 kids, but we put a third  hook up for our hubs; we sure are LuCkY to have them, as well!
This was a super cheap project…we bought the wood to make both of our boards for $0.50, and most of the other stuff we had.
Want to make one?  Awesome…thought so.
Jen and I are going to do a quick giveaway for the Vinyl lettering, (purchased from my vinyl friend Kim at Remarkable Walls).  We’ll also throw in however many hooks you need, the clothespins, and if you want, the twine to hang it with!
All you have to do is make sure you’re a follower…and leave a comment!
This giveaway will end March 12 so you will hopefully have enough time to make it!  It’s super fast, and if you start now, you’ll totally be ready!
Here’s what you do:

Have the Home Depot guy cut some cast-off 1 x 4s. (like I said, 50 cents for the wood for both of us
the main board is 24″ long
the picture blocks are 4″ long.
Here’s the spray paint we used: love HD’s Rustoleum products…and the 2x coverage is my favorite!  Rustoleum’s Aqua and Eden.
First spray the front and sides of your board aqua.  Let it dry
Then spray it eden…all the way around…and let it dry
don’t forget the blocks!
After your paint dries, take a sander to it, and rough up the edges, and the main part of the board so that your aqua sneaks through a little.  The green and the turquoise are soo pretty together!
After you rough up the pieces, you can apply the vinyl at any time.
Drill tiny pilot holes into the bottom of your board.  (since we wanted 3 hooks, we drilled one in the center, and then 2 more 4 1/2 inches from the center.
After your pilot holes have been drilled, you can easily screw in your hooks.
(ps: I’m afraid of drilling…but my hub wasn’t home to do it for me, so I did it, and it was totally fun!  baby steps people!)
Tie ribbons and ric-rac around your blocks, and around your main board piece if you’d like to embellish them.
To hang your block pieces, cut a small length of ribbon (approx 3 inches) fold it in half, and staple-gun it to the back, top-center of your blocks.
Turn your hooks side-ways so the blocks hang straight!
We hung the board using just a length of rope you can get cut by the foot.  We had it in the garage!  We staple-gunned it to the top of the back of the board, just above the 2 outer hooks:
We had some mini-wooden clothespins from Wal-Mart.  We just tied a little piece of scrap ribbon around each one.  It would be cute to paint them, or mod-podge some scrapbook paper to the front.
We just glue-gunned the clothespin to the top-center-front of the block pieces, and then stuck in our cropped pics.
Super easy, right?  And now we have something Green to liven up the place!
If you’d like a chance to win the vinyl…and most of the accessories (get your own ribbon and wood) just leave a comment!  Winner ill be announced Saturday!
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