(iCandy) sweater to cardi refashion (autie style)

If you haven’t noticed yet, Jen is a whiz when it comes to refashioning and making clothes for herself.  I want to be like her because I can’t do that stuff!  Anyway, after mui encouragement from her that I actually COULD refashion something, a little coaching and some trial and error, I tried it…and I’m kind of excited about it!  
Darn thing is, that it’s too warm here in the OC to walk around with a cardi on!
Here’s my version of the sweater to cardigan refashion…I had an old sweater from Forever 21 that I got forever ago.  I love the color of it!  and I had yards of my favorite lace that I never use because I don’t want to use it up!  a few buttons and some stitch-witchery and this is what I got:
how’d I do?
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